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Hapmotu (presented at HackGT - Fall 2014)

Alexa F. Siu1, Michael Lin2

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Generally, when we think of virtual reality, we immediately think of graphics, but haptics, or the sense of touch, is actually an essential component of our everyday lives that we take for granted. Try buttoning your shirt without feeling anything. Hapmotu helps us bring virtual reality to the next level by incorporating a whole new sense; we present a seamless way of integrating vibration tactile feedback with the Leap Motion. Hapmotu augments reality to your fingertips.

Hapmotu is touch engineered.

Hapmotu close

hapmotu diagram

This was my first hackathon working with Michael! It was definitely a different kind of experience. Michael and I were both interested in haptic applications and when we got to test a Leap Motion, we knew we wanted to hack something haptics-related. Initially we were extremely ambitious and had even planned to design an interface using the Occulus Rift. However, given only 24 hours to hack and lacking experience with virtual graphics, that part of the plan never got to execution. Our finished hack was still successful. Other than the long night of hacking, the demo was probably the most fun. It was very rewararding looking at all the guests enjoying our Hapmotu and giving us meaningful feedback.