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I am currently a third year PhD student at Stanford University in the shape lab, advised by Prof. Sean Follmer. These are some of my most recent work.



A compact, high-resolution mobile tabletop shape display for tangible and haptic interaction. We explore interactions enabled by 2D spatial manipulation and self-actuation of a tabletop.

Recent Publications: A. F. Siu, E. J. Gonzalez, S. Yuan, J. Ginsberg, and S. Follmer.2018. shapeShift: 2D Spatial Manipulation and Self-Actuation of Tabletop Shape Displays for Tangible and Haptic Interaction. In Proceedings of the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI ‘18). ACM, New York, NY, USA. DOI:

Investigating Tangible Collaboration for Design Towards Augmented Physical Telepresence

Exploration of shared workspaces using mixed reality physical embodiment.


Publications: A. F. Siu, S. Yuan, H. Pham, E. Gonzalez, L. H. Kim, M. Le Goc, S. Follmer. (2018). Investigating Tangible Collaboration for Design Towards Augmented Physical Telepresence. In: Plattner H., Meinel C., Leifer L. (eds) Design Thinking Research. Understanding Innovation. Springer, Cham

Previous Research

These are some of the work I did throughout my undergraduate studies at Georgia Tech and summer research internship at Stanford University.


June/2014 - August/2014
Stanford University, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
PI: Allison Okamura, PhD.

CHARM Lab Project

Characterizing the effect of time delay and low-pass filtering on human perception of stiffness and damping

Designed and programmed a user study to characterize the effect of time delay and low-pass filtering on human perception of stiffness and damping in haptic displays.

Evaluated the closed-loop accuracy in bilateral teleoperation and impedance-type kinesthetic haptic displays in terms of effective impedances.


Designed a variable stiffness and damping environment to interact with the Phantom Premium 1.5 robots in order to analyze the performance of a bilateral teleoperator.

Publications: N. Colonnese, A. F. Siu, C. M. Abbott and A. M. Okamura (2015) Rendered and Characterized Closed-loop Accuracy of Impedance-type Haptic Displays. IEEE Transactions on Haptics, 8(4):434-446.

Lam Lab

Oct/2012 - May/2015
Georgia Tech Dept. of Biomedical Engineering and Emory University School of Medicine
PI: Wilbur Lam, MD., PhD.

Lam Lab Project

Investigated the interaction of neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) and whole blood in relation to thrombosis.

Developed a children’s educational outreach program (BME HealthReach) to implement at hospitals using the patient’s disease as a leverage to teach concepts in STEM.

Assisted in validation through clinical trials and prototyping of an anemia diagnostic device (AnemoCheck) at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Publications: E. A. Tyburski, ..., A. F. Siu, et. al. (2014). Disposable platform provides visual and color-based point-of-care anemia self-testing. The Journal of Clinical Investigation, 124(10), 4387–4394.